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Christmas Symbols

There are many Christmas symbols which pops up all around the world at the time of Christmas. Below describes the some of the symbols and description of them.

Sky Scraping Buddhist Statues of the World

China - Spring Temple Buddha

The spring temple Buddha is the tallest statue in the world, at 502 feet ( when considering the building upon which it sites)and it was completed in 2002, at a cost of $ 55 million. It depicts vairocan, Buddha seen as the embodiment of emptioness ( Shunyata). It is located in the Zhaocun township of Lushan county, Henan,China. It is placed within the Fodushan Scenic Area, close to National Freeway No 311.

Gigantic Dogs - Kangal Dog

The Kangal Dog (Turkish: Kangal) is regarded as the national breed of Turkey. The Kangal, which weighs 100–165 lbs (45–80 kg) fully grown, was originally used as a livestock guardian dog. It is of an early mastiff type with a solid, pale tan or sabled coat, and with a black mask.

The breed is often referred to as a sheep dog, but distinction has to be made in regards to its function not as a herding dog, but as a flock guardian that lives with the flock to actively fend off wolves, bears and jackals. The Sivas Kangal Dog's protectiveness, loyalty and gentleness with small children and animals has led to its growing popularity as a guardian for families as well, as it regards people as its "flock" and guards them with extreme devotion.

Crystal Cave - Wonderful Creation of Nature

Cave of the Crystals or Giant Crystal Cave is a cave connected to the Naica Mine 300 metres (980 ft) below the surface.This is in Naica, south of Chihuahua, Northern Mexico. Naica mine is one of Mexico's most productive silver mine.

Narwhal - Unicorn of the the Sea

The narwhal or Narwhale is a toothed whale. The scientific name of this whale is Monodon Monoceros. They are regularly found eastwards from the Canadian Arctic to central Russia. And they are also infrequently found in eastern Siberia, Alaska and the western Canadian Arctic. They mostly remain above the Arctic Circle year round, but stragglers have been recorded around New-foundland, Europe and the eastern Mediterranean.

World Biggest Transport Ships

World largest marine transport ships are owned by Dockwise. Dockwise Ltd. is a Bermuda-based holding company in the marine transport industry. 

Dockwise was formed in September 1993 by the merger of two complementary companies, Wijsmuller Transport (a division of Heerema) and Dock Express Shipping (a division of Royal Vopak), becoming the world's largest seagoing heavy transport shipping company. They have several of largest transport ships. And  some are semi-submersible vessels.

Below are some of those ships which are incredibly massive.