Jessica Alba Tattoos

  • 1. Tatoo of a daisy with a ladybug on it on the back of her neck
  • 2. Sanskrit word for "lotus" tattooed on the inside of her wrist 
  • 3.  Image of a bow at the lower back

Jessica Alba Tattoos consist only of 3 pieces that you can find in her body.  She wears a tattoo printed in Sanskrit word as “Padma” that is interpreted as a lotus flower.  For Hindus, this means spiritual development, and the symbol manifests mental purity rising above with beauty.  This is clearly depicted in her tattoo with an exotic flower rising above the surface of the dirty water in lakes and ponds covered with mud.

Parts of the Jessica Alba Tattoos also include a daisy flower with a ladybug located at the back of her neck (Originally green, black and red), and the image of a bow at the lower back.  Her neck also carries a certain image of a tattoo that is hidden.  With the locations of these 3 prominent Jessica Alba Tattoos that this celebrity has, you can draw an idea that she embedded them in strategically noticeable parts of her body, yet she is able to get away with it without being noticed by people.

This is a clear manifestation of her desire to have these Jessica Alba Tattoos inked in such a way that she can show them if she wants, and hide them if not.  This is a clear indication of her ingenuity in handling delicate things, and cleverness in her decisions.  Jessica’s choice of a daisy flower with a ladybug tattoo on her neck is inspired by her mother and aunt towards a solid bonding agreement.

Jessica Alba had the back of her neck tattooed as a 'bonding experience' with her mother and aunt two years ago but it appears she has already tired of the etching. The noticeably faded daisy and ladybird suggests the 28-year-old star is undergoing laser surgery to get rid of the tacky design. The cover-up was spotted as the Fantastic Four actress debuted her new red hairstyle while joining a female friend for a manicure session in Beverly Hills yesterday(27th September 2009).

The faded nature of the small tattoo on her neck suggests she is in the process of getting her tattoo removed with laser surgery. Laser surgery takes between three to 15 treatments, which take place at least six weeks apart, to remove all trace of the tattoos. Jessica's removal of the daisy and ladybird means she will have two remaining tattoos - the Sanskrit word 'Padma' on her wrist and a bow on her lower back.