Most Expensive Shoes

Shoes are important to protect feet and make man able to walk. There is great variety of shoes all over the world that may differ in styles, prices, function and appearance. Some footwear also carries with them cultural and traditional colors of every era. Following is the list of foot wear that are the most expensive shoes of world. 

Stuart Weitzman's Rita Hayworth Heels: U.S $ 3 million
This high heel shoe was created for Rita Hayworth movie in 1940s. This marvelous shoe pair is decorated with thousands of delicate diamonds. Kathleen was the lucky chump to wear this pair.

Cinderella Shoes Stuart Weitzman: U.S. $ 2 million

This high heel shoe is carved with 595 carat of platinum decorated with Kuwaiti diamonds. Alison Krauss got an opportunity to wear such elegant and classy pair of shoes. She wore this footwear in a movie named Cold Mountain Oscar night in 2004. 

Tanzanite High Heels Stuart Weitzman: U.S. $ 2 million

This delicate pair of shoes is fully decorated with 185-carat diamond tanzanite and 28 carat of deep blue diamonds. These shoes were showcased in 2008 in Las Vegas. One of the Oscar awarded star got an opportunity to wear this pair of shoes in 2009.


Rubi Stuart Weitzman heels: U.S. $ 1.6 million

Jewelry stores Oscar Heyman & Bros engraved 642 pieces of round shaped ruby stones in pure platinum with red lining. Stuart Weitzman has showcased these shoes in Academy Awards in 2003. This pair of hoes is indeed the most expensive footwear and its charms and beauty worth its price.

Platinum Guild Stuart Weitzman heels: U.S $ 1.09  million
This terrific piece of art is beautified with pear shaped diamonds engraved in 464 of Kuwaiti platinum. Hollywood actress Laura Harring got an opportunity to wear this pair of shoes in 2002.

Retro Rose Stuart Weitzman: U.S. $ 1 million

This beautiful pair of shoes is decorated with two diamond-shaped-roses wrapped with gold colored dust. It was created in 1940s. The diamonds are Kuwaiti diamonds weighing about 100 carats. 

Rubi 'The Wizard of Oz' Shoes: U.S.$ 666 thousand
It is said about these shoes that only seven pairs of shoes were created but now only four pairs of shoes are present. These limited edition shoes were created by Innes Shoe Co. artificial silk and were designed for movie ‘Wizard of Oz’ in 1939. Unfortunately the pair of shoes that were kept in Judy Garland Museum were stolen in 2005 and not found up till now. 

The heels Stuart Weitzman Diamond Dream: U.S $ 500 thounsand
This pair of shoes has been created by Stuart Weitzman and Kuwait jewelry store partners that have decorated the shoes with 1420 brown diamonds. The diamonds are engraved in pure platinum. Dream girls star, Anika Noni Rose got the opportunity to wear this expensive pair of shoes in Oscar of 2007. She was center of attention by every one because of such a terrific piece of footwear.

Prince of India Shoes: U.S. $ 160 thousand

This marvelous pair of shoes was owned by Indian prince of Hyderabad, Nizam Sikandar Jah of 18th century. It was kept in Bata Shoe Museum in Toronto, Canada, but was stolen few years back. Luckily the pair has been found recently in right condition. 

Nike Shoes diamond throne: U.S $ 50 thousand
This is limited edition running shoe that is carved with special diamonds stone work, Lace Up and C Couture Boutique. This exquisite piece art is owned by SoCal Outkast, Antwan Big Boi Patton. Shoe is also decorated by 11 carat Nike logo that further adds to its beauty.