The Largest Limosine in the World

The Midnight Rider is the World’s Largest and Grandest Limousine boasting 460 square feet of pure luxury and is reserved by those who expect the very best.  In fact, she is a traveling celebrity vehicle in her own right, based   in Southern California and licensed to travel anywhere in the United    States.  She is one of the most photographed vehicles and has appeared on FOX, Japanese Television, Discovery Channel's HD Theatre “World's Most Expensive Rides”, featured in “Extreme Bars”, and several publications around the world, is a New World Record Holder in the 2011 edition of “Guinness Book Of World Records” as the World's Heaviest Limousine, has surpassed past records such as tallest and largest ever built, and is the Largest Limousine “For Hire” in existence.

Representative of the luxury days of railroad travel, she is classified as a “Tractor-Trailer Limousine”, and is the only one ever built. The air-ride suspension makes for a ride so smooth and comfortable, it allows you to stand up and move from lounge to lounge, dancing, mingling and partying.

The Midnight Rider is the ultimate in travel and referred to by some as their personal “Night Club On Wheels”:

Features includes,

      • Exquisite Presidential Pullman Railroad-Car Decor

      • Crew of five includes driver, co-driver, hostess and two bartenders

      • Climate controlled air conditioning and heating
      • 70 feet long, 13’8” in height and holds up to 40 passengers 
      • Lounge style, plush playpen seating
      • 3 separate lounges each with an 1800 watt Sony surround sound system

      • Full commercial sized bar – air ride seating

      • An onboard restroom with a hammered brass sink and brass fixtures. 

The Midnight Rider is classified as a “tractor trailer limousine” and is insured, permitted, and functions as one unit.  The truck and trailer can be separated for maintenance purposes only.
  • Horsepower                                  435 HP  /   NTC 400
  • Wheels                                           22 Low Profile
  • Length                                           70 feet
  • Height                                            13  feet  8  inches
  • Width                                             8   feet  5  inches
  • Turning radius                              48  feet
  • Weight                                           50,560  lbs
  • The Midnight Rider Crew consists of:  Bartender, Hostess, Drivers, & Operation’s Engineer
  • 40 Passenger maximum legal seating capacity.
  • Interior D├ęcor complements the days of the railroad Pullman Cars
  • Custom Air Ride Suspension, both Truck & Trailer for a comfortable ride
  • Air Operated Passenger Door
  • Onboard Restroom Facility
  • Three Lounges plus a Full Bar with individually operated air suspension seating at The Bar
  • Large Screen Televisions and high isolation entertainment systems in each of its three lounges, with satellite television, movies, music, & live feed capabilities.
  • An onboard phone system throughout, plus four landline connections for four different phone lines when onsite.
  • Climate Control Heating and Air Conditioning
  • Full Security Monitoring System
  • Two Generators, very quiet, can operate everything without the truck engine running
  • Industrial Filter System with pressurized cabin
  • Diesel Train Horn to complement the theme of “The Midnight Rider”

  •  The Tractor, a 379 Low Profile Extended Hood, is produced by Peterbilt Truck Company
  • The Midnight Rider is not just a beauty to behold, it is likely one of the finest and safest vehicles ever built.  Its exterior aluminum belt is sixteen times thicker than any passenger vehicle on the road today.  Its electrical system is two times redundant, and its brakes are 135% larger than any vehicle in the limo world.  The Midnight Rider uses “H” frame construction, all steel and aluminum, with a center of gravity at 32 inches vertical, and center of mass just beneath its forward super structure.