Foods that Fight Cancer

Japanese Green Tea

  • Green tea is an exceptional source of powerful anticancer molecules that make it a key feature of any diet designed to prevent the growth of cancer.
  • Green tea undergo the least transformation of all teas.
  • Black tea (Red tea) – resembles that of green tea, except that the roasting stage is carried out and thus have very little anticancer activity.
  • Japanese Green tea contains much more anticancer activity know as EGCG than Chinese Green Tea.
  • Brewing time matters too, and to maximize the extraction of the anticancer compound, the infusion time allowed should be at least 8 to 10 minutes.

Higher EGCG has better anti cancer compound


  • Most berries are an exceptionally abundant source of several classes of polyphenols that posses anticancer potential: ellagic acid, anthocyanidins, and proanthocyanidins.
  • Eating cranberries should be preferred over drinking cranberry juice.

  • Studies show that omega-3s reduce the incidence of cardiovascular disease and in cancer prevention.
  • Omega-3s acids are naturally extremely unstable and it is preferable to use whole foods as source instead of omerga-3s supplements (Drug).
  • Eating fatty fish once or twice a week is one simple way of increasing omerga-3 levels in your diet.
  • Sardines, Salmon, linseed, soya, nuts are other sources of Omega -3 fatty acids.
Trans-fats, one of the unknown fats that are unknown in nature and that cause damage to cell. Look at the label behind the food package, it usually indicates if there is any trans- fat.

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