Most Expensive Yacht

Traveling with yacht is the rich hobbies. Yacht is equipped with full of luxury facilities. The wealth in the world is trying to make their yacht as beautiful as possible, hence it makes the yacht become most expensive yacht in the world in term of price. There’s a lot of facilities in the most expensive yacht in this list. You can find various of luxury thing there that vary from luxurious interior, helicopter with its helipad, swimming pool even there’s submarine and artificial beach on the expensive yacht. Let’s take a look at the most expensive yachts in detail one by one

1). Eclipse yacht

Price: $485 million

Owner: Roman Abramovich, Russia

Owned by Russian oligarch and Chelsea football club owner Roman Abramovich, this yacht is known as the world’s largest private yacht with 558 feet in length. It is the most expensive private yacht in terms of its construction value. It is also the most expensive private yacht on charter with a fees of of $2 million for a week vacation. Facilities on board include 20 water jets, cinema, library, swimming pool, private garden among others. Also famous is the 5000 square feet master suite on the yacht’s topmost deck. Since Mr. Abramovich is known to be very particular about his security, the whole vessel is bullet and bomb proofed, and in case of an attack, there are five possible exits from the vessel.

2). ‘A’ Superyacht

Price: $323 million
Owner: Andrey Melnichenko, Russia

Russian billionaire Andrey Melnichenko is the owner of this water giant, which is 390 feet in total length. The unique name of the yacht has been inspired by name of the owner’s wife, Aleksandra who has a private 80 foot long top deck to enjoy her sun bathing adventures. There is also a helipad in case Mr. Melnichenko needs to fly down in his private chopper or leave for his official duties into main lands. A lot of flooring in the master suite and the bathrooms are known to be done up in marble, apart from featuring designer fittings all over the living space, which includes the private staircase and lift. The unique shape of the boat is also known to cut through ice bergs if the need arises but is perfectly well suited for cruises in the Mediterranean waters.

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