Most Expensive Yacht

7). Al Salamah

Price: $200 million
Owner: Sultan bin Abdul Aziz, Saudi Arabia

Owned by the current Saudi King and former defense minister Sultan bin Abdul Aziz, this yacht became famous for its unique design which did not include the traditional mast, sail or even complicated roping system like the others. This unique design was prepared by German shipping company HDW. The engines aboard this yacht are the twin MTU 20V 1163TB engines which generate 8717 HP of power each and are capable of taking this 457-feet vessel at a speed of up to 21.5 knots. There is ample space for 36 guests and 96 crew members, who can help the guests enjoy facilities like library, cinema, business center, beauty parlor & spa, and also the gymnasium. Should any medical emergencies arise, there is a fully equipped hospital on board to cater to one’s needs.

8). Lady Moura

Price: $200 million
Owner: Dr. Naseer Al Rasheed, Saudi Arabia

This 344-feet vessel is owned by Saudi Business tycoon Dr. Naseer Al Rasheed who is also known to have several close links to the Saudi royal family. The vessel is most recognizable from the outside by the prominent 24 carat gold lettering of its name ‘Lady Moura’. It was designed by Blohm & Voss along with interiors being done by Luigi Strugio. The main propeller includes 2 KHD-MWM engines, which generate 6700 BHP of power, taking the boat to over 20 knots of cruising speed. In case you want to indulge in water sports or would need to fly off nearby, there is the additional Mangusta 80 boat along with 48-feet San Juan boat and S76B helicopter.

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