Rock Carving - China - Tian Xing Caves

This rocky chasm in China is one of the world's deepest underground shafts. Connected by two cave systems, Qikeng and Dong Ba, their combined depth measures an astonishing 3,100ft, or 1,026 metres. And it located in China's mountainous village of Tian Xing.

An international team of cave explorers who discovered the cave, near the village of Tian Xing, are seen descending into the abyss.

The 3,100ft underground shaft near the village of Tian Xing in China where climbers spent two months exploring for four to five days at a time

 The cave is said to be one kilometere deep

The picture was taken by photographer Robert Shone, 28, of Manchester, who spent two months with the climbers documenting-their explorations.

An explorer watches a waterfall from a slippery perch

Camping underground for four to five days at a time, the team were able to explore the extensive network of caves and tunnels.

Between a rock and a hard place: Explorers crawl through the cave network

The team, below, were able to explore the network of cave and tunnels in the underground shaft

The team of explorers who made the story possible.