Most Expensive Yacht

15). Indian Empress

Price: $ 93.8 million
Owner: Dr. Vijay Mallaya, India

The Indian Empress was launched as Al Mirqab which was sold to the Qatar Royal family, and eventually Indian industrialist Dr. Vijay Mallaya bought it and changed its name to Indian Empress. Built initially by the Oceano Yard in Holland, the yacht was finally completed at a port in Durban, South Africa. This 311-feet yacht is powered by 3 engines of 10,000 HP MTU 20 cylinders each, which give it a top speed of 24 knots. The accommodation facilities enable it to house 32 guests and 42 crew members at the same time. The yacht has been used by many Indian business tycoons to hold parties.

16). Le Grand Bleu

Price: $90 million
Owner: Roman Abramovich, Russia

This 370-feet yacht was created around the turn of the new millennia by Kusch yachts that had collaborated with Di Pilla for the interior designing. Technical prowess of this boat is shown in its twin design SBV 16M 628 diesel engine that generates a total of 9140 HP of engine strength, enabling a top speed of 17 knots, while a perfect cruise can be enjoyed at 15 knots. The accommodation capacity is spacious enough for 20 guests and 34 crew members. The amenities on board include the helicopter landing pads, Jacuzzi fitted luxury suites, spa facility and swimming pool. This yacht is now owned by Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich, who also brought in some changes in it such as the waste water management system after he bought it from Paul Allen.

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