Most Expensive Yacht

13). Ambrosia III

Price: $119 million
Owner: Undisclosed Hong Kong billionaire

This super yacht was created in 2006 to an undisclosed Hong Kong buyer who wanted a modern luxury personal space for his group of guests and clientele. This 213-feet wonder vessel had the construction expertise of Benetti Yachts with interiors being done by Zuretti Interior Design. Its engine has a twin engine format, which helps in generating 3260 HP of power, taking the yacht up to 16 knots of top speed, while cruising is best recommended at 12 knots. This engine is also known to have a diesel hybrid design, which brings out the eco-friendly aspect of construction. This super yacht can house 12 guests in 6 cabins along with a crew of 20 members. The various pleasure areas include the gaming room, swimming pool, open-air sitting area, bar and living room, conference room and also a formal dining space.

14). Annaliesse

Price: $103 million
Owner: NA

Built in 2004, this super yacht was known for its safety designs and grandeur of its modern interior decoration. Even though, it might fall behind some of the other super yachts, but it still has a number of modern amenities for guests' comfort which include the business center, spa, gymnasium, sauna room, swimming pool, beauty salon, wine cellar, and of course the 18 guest suites which can house 36 guests. While you are in the sun, there is also an opportunity for you to have sunbathe on the upper deck. The engines are twin Cat 3606 which give the yacht an impetus to travel at a top speed of 19 knots and a suitable cruise speed of 17 knots. The yacht is also known as one of the world's largest luxury yacht available for charter. The yacht is now known as the Delma Luxury yacht charter Mediterranean .

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