Most Expensive Yacht

11). Project Mars

Price: $ 161.8 million
Owner: Fincantieri Yachts

Mars was initially built for a private client who had backed out of the project mid-way, but the construction was completed never the less. The brainchild behind the creation of this yacht was Italian shipping yard Fincanteri with H2 Yacht Design doing the interiors. The vessel is stated to be 295 feet in length and can accommodate 15 guests and 34 members of staff with ease. The engine propelling the boat is capable of generating 2465 KW of power from each of its subunits which make sailing at 18 knots possible, but for the best experience, a speed of 16 knots over a distance of 6000 nautical miles is recommended. Amongst other amenities is the 7 meter swimming pool, children’s playing room, gymnasium with spa facilities and business area which can be easily converted into a formal dining area if the need arises.

12). Maltese Falcon

Price: $150 million (approx)
Owner: Elena Ambrosiadou, Britain

Maltese Falcon was created for hedge fund owner Elena Ambrosiadou, who incidentally became Britain’s best paid female executive once. She is also the only female owner of a super yacht anywhere in the world! This 289-feet super boat has 25,791 sq ft of space for sails alone, which are uniquely placed such that the boat can be controlled easily when in rough waters through the advanced controlling system placed inside. The insides are done up in modern décor with the spiraling staircase connecting the multiple decks and the transparent flooring on majority of the public area of yacht. There is considerable wood work in the décor which includes area like the dining rooms, living room, and studio area. If the passengers are looking for soaking in the sun, the upper deck features a sun bathing area for use.

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